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'technology is gay.' - Nelson Mandela

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The war must end now!
You must decide which side you are on!


hypothetically, can we mod said corps' products or we talking stock, fresh out of retail, shit? and we allowed to lean into retro shit or we talking modern crapple and microshaft?


both corps suck hard at everthing. Apple is led by fag, so +1B fag points. Both nsa/cia long term projects.
choose openbsd if you have no life, or at list some minimal GNU+Linux distro with no DE.


If I had the money, my next desktop would be Apple.


why not hackintosh or get one if those cheao mini desktop things apple do? seems a lot less hastle than getting a full blown mac/macbook


>less hassle
One of the major selling points of Apple products is that crisp, clean, ready out of the box feeling. The iMac is still the nicest AIO.


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idk tbh, best i could reccomend direct from apple is theur Mac Minis tbh or theur old ass network switches


what kind of tech board is this even if those are the two options? itoddlers and microfags btfo, neither apple nor microsoft do anything for u and u'll be forever in a battle of getting fucked over which u'll lose from the start since u can't cut that shit out while retaining a functional product, since fucking u over is their product

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