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'technology is gay.' - Nelson Mandela

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The great awakening of world have began ladies in gentlemen.
Since when the great civilations of the world have hidden a secret that no man have revealed!
today will be you date to wake up from state of dream you been sleep for many centuries
maybe the goverments of world and the religious of world knows about it?
you are in state of a "DREAM from the metrix"
budda called it a 'illucion" life. reality being perceptual.The creation is holographic,
containing all.The entire creation is Cosmic perception in varying forms of vibrational
sound frequencies,containing octaves of knowledge.and forming dimensions containig that
knowledge Each of these dimensions are ordered by their own universal laws that apply to the
expansive potential of the information within the dimensions.
" Uncounsious mind"=data transfer.01 quatum computing.or autopilot.
The "preconscious" refers to the thoughts you aren"t actively thinking of but can call to mind
given the right trigger."Consciousness" the state of being awake and aware of one 's surroundngs.
"subconsciousness" of or concerning the part of the mind of which one is not full aware but which
one's actions and feelings.So you see your whole life is about "thoughts,feelings,emotions.= reality.

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THe dude's megacreepy, mysogynist, and pretty regressive in general.


Thanks for bring that out, I knew he was weird but didn't expect all of that.


No, he's just incredibly autistic


Pro and anti Stallman petitions are making the rounds again.
>he's just incredibly autistic
This. He's an extremely eccentric autist who seems incapable of speaking without a filter and an argument could be made that his role as a public speaker is a PR liability for the FSF, but the amount of keyboard warrior rage directed at this harmless old fellow seems to be completely unjustified. At least I'm not aware of him ever objectively harming anyone. There are bigger battles to fight in the tech world, ranging from labor issues, environmental pollution, and outright criminal business practices. All the energy directed at being morally outraged by a few comments Stallman has made over the years would be better directed in other areas.

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How hard it is to make a compiler?


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Anyone here have any experience with Openbsd? I would like to try it for the first time.

I really doubt there's an installer for BSD that have full DE setup, but I do find someone made an iso with full packaged iso together with DE here https://sf.net/projects/livecd-openbsd/files/LiveCD-KDE.iso/download. So, on linux should I do like this:

1)extract iso into my alternate partition
sudo dd if=bsd.iso of=/dev/sda7 #<-alternate partition

2)set up bootloader to boot BSD
in /etc/grub.d/40_custom add these lines:

menuentry "OpenBSD" {
set root=(hd0,6) #<-bsd partition
chainloader +1

and then update-grub, but what if I want to boot on encrypted partition where BSD os is located? is there any extra setup do I need to configure on the current bootloader? Please reply anon, need help to install this BSD os.


zero experience w/ OpenBSD, but it runs on UNIX, which is the same/extremely similar system as GNU/Linux, so my first step of research is the file system layout and the similarities for them all, hope your able to sus this out though cause honestly ive been interested in installing BSD myself too


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