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File: 1549141540525.png (192.97 KB, 520x500, main.png)


Feel free to post any kind of suggestions, questions or anything else related to the site here!


File: 1549413433262.png (3.55 KB, 481x57, example.PNG)

it'd be nice to be able to see the replies to a post like a traditional image board if that wouldnt be much of an issue to implement. like this for example


honestly anon, ngl i'm a brainlet and this is near enough a fresh install of the Vichan ib engine, but i'll deffo look into it for you.


enable https please


Currently waiting on Namecheap to sort that part out, will give it a week before harassing them for why SSL ain't up yet.


>i'm a brainlet and this is near enough a fresh install of the Vichan ib engine, but i'll deffo look into it for you.
>will give it a week before harassing them for why SSL ain't up yet.


stopped being lazy and actually got on it, your welcome anon <3


Holy smoke! You actually did it.


you're welcome, anon. <3


File: 1558885726487.jpg (56.11 KB, 281x375, a55c41cddfd6509104ce01ce13….jpg)

What is it with homeless imageboard admins? Got me feeling emotional…


File: 1558953503122.gif (311.85 KB, 300x300, giphy.gif)


File: 1559120067711.gif (1.56 MB, 500x500, tumblr_osj26tL9Qe1qizpu7o1….gif)


Made myself a custom CSS for the entire site, only things that really do need tweaking are the background, bg gradient & reply box colors, other than that I think it's pretty good as is. would love to hear you guys' thoughts on it though, will keep em in mind for when I adjust it.


I like the new theme but think it’s kind of girly. Please do make more.


I was planning on commisioning someone who knows much more than me on javascript to make a nice little theme switcher similar to how 4chan's theme options function, either that or stop being lazy and figuring it out myself, but deffinetly I plan to make more theme options available for you all.

Appreciate the support though, Anon. <3


so its 1:30am as of posting this, and I cba making another custom theme alternative as of this second, though I do want to roll out this update notice for you guys; I've added the option to change themes at the bottom of the page, turns out it was already supported, just vichan's documentation is actual liquid arse. Oekaki for fun shitposting means hope to see that well used by you guys considering how much of a pain it was to get working & also webm support for enhanced shitposting™

Hope you all see much use from these features, as I could've went to sleep ages ago instead of working on this tonight lmao. Stay well.
-Stank <3




You should make a new CSS, admin.


Will do, am thinking of a custom tomorrow/dark theme for the site, you reckon that is a good move for a new CSS?; probably take a while though as my desktop's PSU fucking died recently.


File: 1566022417683.jpg (658.34 KB, 1824x1684, 1502238017441.jpg)

You should make it like Wizchan's RPGnight theme except not sucky with https://ronenness.github.io/RPGUI/.


File: 1566031423509.png (11.82 KB, 240x210, cv3.png)

oh nice, I like this kind of aesthetic, you thinking of using the one linked in your post or making an original one similar to it? could do either tbh, maybe even go for more of a castlevania/dorf fort w/ no texture packs type aesthetic and cover both dark and rpg themes maybe.

also lul, they shilling for shovel knight or something?


File: 1566089479657.png (376.86 KB, 1146x592, Captura_de_pantalla_1.png)

I'm interested to see what you can come up with using that framework.
>they shilling for shovel knight or something


fresh update news for y'all,

Today being my lazy day, I decided to sit down and work some more on the stylesheets for the site, and as you may be able to notice, I made some slight adjustments to the default 'Comfy' one, as per suggestion via the email admin@comfy.chat, and also added a theme I've been musing over for a while now; YoRHa, inspired from the menu aesthetics of the game 'Nier Automata'.

I plan to add three more themes over the next week or two; A pixel/sprite-based one similar to that reccomended in this thread already, an adjusted dark theme tailored towards 8ch's 'Cyber' theme, and one final media-based theme; 'NAVI', themed around the OS featured in the Anime 'Serial Experiments Lain. Hope this most recent update and planned continued updates are all in line with what you guys are after and that you are all happy with the adjustments being made! Big thanks and stay comfy lads.

(⌒( ・∀・) Meri…
(  o   つ


Good to see progress.


Nice, I'm sure the Navi one will be great.


Smoll update that doesnt really affect the site too majorly, but if you look up in the tab for the site, we finally have a favicon, which i've been toying around with for a while now; big thanks to grimchan.xyz for the heads up on how to sort this; if any of you wish to do any kind of user content for the site also, i'd be more than happy to implememnt it on your behalf.
Thanks again for all your support and input, and most of all, stay comfy! <3


Are you guys like friends now?


it's nothing formal or anything, I just happened to see one of their update posts on twitter regarding favicons, and took the opportunity to inquire about them;
I follow quite a few smaller IBs to see what the general feel and progress is for this type of site and their users. Grimchan is cozy as hell, and similar to my desired endgoal though.


Is there an IRC or some other way to contact the owner? He seems like a nice individual


owner of comfy.chat or grimchan? I have a admin email if you wanna reach out to me, i can always check if grimchan has one too if you'd like?

admin@comfy.chat is the admin email btw.


Of comfy.chat. Grimchan used to have an IRC but doesn't anymore, though if I recall correctly Unity frequents the finalchan irc?
Either way, might send an email your way, idk.


i have to hit f5 to update pages


I just now noticed the YoRHa theme. It's beter than solarized for sure!


Would you consider affiliating with kind.moe?


Well your site design is beaut, and from a glance you don't allow CP or any kind of noncery, so I couldn't see why not, though I'm no sure what affiliating with them would entail; probably best the contact me via the email so we could figure out those specifics before I commit to anything though. ^^


Well I mean Grimchan links to you under its Friends. You don't link back though so what's up with that?


i shouted em out in the news thing, i dont really have a friends section on here, though i could add one if i wasn't too lazy, but yee, thats as formal as it will be till such a thing is added my dood


admins, please stay out of Cloudflare.
thanks for allowing tor posting.
stay stronk.
also make onion v3 version of board.


File: 1599407907139.png (218.61 KB, 574x473, 5beffda3c2c0e0db34a886b2ee….png)

>what affiliating with them would entail
Basically if you link to kind.moe we will link back to comfy.chat. What you did for grimchan would work or if you ever get around to making a friends page that would be nice too.


File: 1599530173336.jpg (54.07 KB, 346x482, 1599265048599.jpg)

Lazy days are forever.


just quickly cooked up a friends page if you look up above by where the different boards are linked, should b all gud now !!


File: 1603655454299.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1512, movienightkindv1.png)

Your friends at kind.moe are hosting a Halloween horror stream, and you're invited! All the details are in the image. I hope to see you there, friend.


File: 1603677835054.jpg (70.27 KB, 1080x1080, photo_2020-10-25_19-44-58.jpg)

I'll try to be there.

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