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Feel free to post any kind of suggestions, questions or anything else related to the site here!
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i shouted em out in the news thing, i dont really have a friends section on here, though i could add one if i wasn't too lazy, but yee, thats as formal as it will be till such a thing is added my dood


admins, please stay out of Cloudflare.
thanks for allowing tor posting.
stay stronk.
also make onion v3 version of board.


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>what affiliating with them would entail
Basically if you link to kind.moe we will link back to comfy.chat. What you did for grimchan would work or if you ever get around to making a friends page that would be nice too.


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Lazy days are forever.


just quickly cooked up a friends page if you look up above by where the different boards are linked, should b all gud now !!

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