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Feel free to post any kind of suggestions, questions or anything else related to the site here!
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Hi anon, no idea why this is occurring except it *may* be an issue with the hosting provider i am using at the moment, I have had it happen to myself and my own posts too, though I am unsure what causes the issue, and it seems to fix itself when left for a day or two.

I am eventually hoping to move the site to a VPS service at some point in the future, and hopefully this fixes the issue though for now all i can really recommend is to leave your post and try again in a few hours if you ever run into this.


Somewhat unrelated, I have a question to you guys regarding the banners and how they display on your end? for me the image doesn't load on certain browsers, however it does on others? just curious if this is a universal issue or one solely on my own end. pic related is how it displays on my goto browser in case any of you are experiencing something different.


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Thank you, I'm sorry if I bothered.


I see the banners just fine.


Pls no flags. Even deanonymising the country could be harmful for some, considering how small is the board.
You may still make a voluntary flag/icon selection, like in /pol/.


File: 1617243105362.png (65.58 KB, 322x195, BannerScreenshot.png)

>the banners and how they display on your end?
haven't noticed a problem

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tessst tesst
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test lol ium a test







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