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What makes you love a certain video game genre?
For examples, I love puzzle games as there's hundreds of ways of implementing skill in each game.


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Personally OP, I really enjoy games that have a lot fun time sink in them, not necesserily mechanical depth, though that can help within reason. Some good examples of games that have kept my interest recently are:

>Deus Ex

I really enjoyed how the skill system in this game was just deep enough to facilitate everything you might want to do ingame without feeling as though any of them were a waste of valuable points to spend on.

>Assassin's Creed Odyssey

This game I'm currently playing through right now, and im absolutely adoring the lite-rpg mechanics it brings to the table in regards to it's combat, and how all dialog options are available to all players, not held behind certain speech checks and such, really just a great game to ride around ancient Greece larping as a warrior type character, gives me Witcher 3 vibes, if that game was vastly symplified, and focused in on different weapon types, stealth, parkour and sailing pic related.

>Space Station 13

This is one that i've also been moisting over recently also, itching that multiplayer part of my gaming habits; it has all the social fun of a DarkRP, the anarchy of a Trouble in Terrorist Town, and a similar touch of autism that I adore of a Dwarf Fortress, genuinely reccomend learning it if you haven't anon, is such a rewarding multiplayer/lite-rp game to play.


>moisting over
What are you, a girl?


nah, far worse; british.


A blighty boi!


reeeeeeee stay on topic


Is that Zoop? I haven't played that game since the time I had a Sega Genesis.

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