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Tabletop stuff is comfy, post soem tabletop stories and stuff frends.


Heres some links to make getting into DnD a bit easier for you anons:

Hope ur able to have fun and make some ebin stories c: i'm going to be DMing my first oneshot in the next few days, so will post if anything fun/noteworthy happens during it ^^


quick update for any anons wondering, I managed to find a site with a ton of general tabletop pdfs uploaded onto it, would deffinetly reccomend it to anyone who plays D&D or Pathfinder: https://thetrove.net/


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First time painting minis, just waiting on some clear matt varnish so they are "game ready", kinda chuffed with the outcome on the buffalo. Gonna pick up some more Reaper Bones at the end of the month, and have a hand at doing more humanoid types of people.

Also, recently found out through a close friend and broswing local hobby shops that Pathfinder do cheaper pocket edition releases of their books, so i'm going to put towards getting the core books of them eventually. D&D books still ridiculously overpriced though, which is a shame, would most deffinetly prefer to cop some if they did the whole cheaper "pocket edition" stuff over pathfinder tbh.


Keep posting, anon.


File: 1559479250378.png (43.72 KB, 748x456, reaper.png)

just ordered a new batch of minis, will be painting them and posting pictures when they arrive.

Heads up also, turns out that what people say online about washing Reaper's minis is absolutely true, paint is flaking off of the figure, despite varnishing and apply the paints correctly, so please do keep that in mind if you buy from them like I do.


File: 1559754946393.jpg (2.55 MB, 2976x2976, 20190605_174854.jpg)

already painted the two kobolds, and i'm quite chuffed with how they turned out;washed em and the paint appears to be sticking.

going to do a video on the process on one of the other minis I ordered, so that'll be fun also.


File: 1574711173241.png (9.89 MB, 5522x2012, ratboi.png)

after doing several minis, then dropping the hobby for a little while; I picked things back up with a skaven boii, and oof am i happy with how he came out.


Played Pathfinder today and Vampire yesterday. Yesterday's session wasn't comfychat-worthy because, well, Vampire; but today was pretty fun.
Not from today, but a /comf/ memory of mine is of an old D&D party. The party met during a catastrophe and the destruction of a city. After the city was open in two due to a huge rift, everything was almost destroyed and everyone fled, there was only our party left in the city. So we sat in an empty tavern, the glass all shattered, and started to chat. We borrowed some stuff from the empty tavern and had some drinks. It was a beautiful sunset with a cool breeze coming from outside. We started telling each other about our backstories, and the Bard sang (not irl, but the medieval playlist we usually put on was playing a really slow, calming song). I imagine it beautifully in my head, these heroes who initially resented each other (especially my Paladin and a friend's Rogue) sharing their memories and solemly feasting, in an empty town. Even the irl players felt good.


Was thinking about starting to paint minis, how difficult and/or expensive is it really?


god that sounds like such a cool low-pressure moment for a campaign, hope the rest of ur party enjoyed it as much as you did anon.

minis can be pretty expensive to get into depending on how you go about it, though entry kits and other products are normally around 35 - 40 quid, give or take, in my experience so if you have that knocking about and your interested in trying it out, deffinetly give it a try my man; any specifc type of miniatures you interested in, or just generic fantasy stuff for now?


File: 1577482069587.jpg (1 MB, 2160x2160, 20191227_151748-3.jpg)

bosting my most recent paint job, did a more christmasy-themed ratto using the vallejo paints and better brushes I recieved, and i'm super happy with the quality of the outcome!!

forgot to mention in my previous post but also heads up for your first miniature paintjob try to avoid anything larger than a generic human or orc in the 28mm scale, otherwise your gonn burn out super quickly i find.


File: 1583872756714.jpg (5.19 MB, 3024x3024, IMG_20200309_152638_HDR.jpg)

Amazing to look back at photos of my old paintjobs and to be able to see that your still making progress in your painting skill; i'm not amazing at painting but it's nice to see that i'm still able to develop and improve from where i used to be before.
Pic related is a test model I did for a Warband i'm gonna build i reckon for Warcry, I'm also hoping to ask around at my LGS to see if they host any Warhammer fantasy RPGs, will keep my ears open for D&D and Pathfinder too but I doubt they would host those games in-store due to it being literally called "Warhammer" and only stocking GW/Citadel products.


I've been meaning to get into DnD for years but just never had anyone interested, my college has a club though. How big is the learning curve? I don't want to look like a total idiot.


D&D fifth edition, which is the current one, is the easiest its ever been to be honest, and groups are typically friendly enough to new people wishing to join, as in helping you to sort your character sheet out and telling you what your options are for the first few combat and social encounters until you get to grips with it, imo the only real hard part is the character sheet making but after you've done a few characters you'll soon understand so yee


Oh cool! Well that's somewhat encouraging. It seems like fun, I think I'll finally take the plunge.

As an aside, this place is really nice.

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