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So after last night's direct, I thought i'd give my opinion on it, and the stuff I liked.
>Mario Maker 2
good call on this anon ( >>2 )for bringing this game up, although I am disapointed they didn't go all the way with the 3d world concept as I would've liked, is still cool they're doing it. Worth getting on sale i'd say.
looks like arse, kek.
>Fire Emblem
see above.
don't play it.
not my type of game.
>new Plat game
looks dope as hell, deffinetly interested, got my hopes up for open world but i gotta doubt that considering it is platinum. Just hoping this doesn't turn into another soulsbourne.
>Tetris 99
jesus christ this game is good, would be willing to drop like a fiver on it to get an offline regular gamemode.
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What would you like to see in a sequel that includes the content of the previous one?


honestly? would be pretty interesting if they went all out and included some 3d custom creation stuff, such as making your own captain toad and super mario 3d land/world levels, though in all reality nintendy are probably just going to port the wii u one with a few new features, simmilar to deluxe.

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blz i want people to play with, although im pretty bad at it i can learn i swear

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