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File: 1601740430498.jpg (398.61 KB, 1492x933, 1398041101885.jpg)


Anyone else here into HEMA and other weapon based martial arts?


No but the idea is interesting tell me more plz or at least the basics


polearms are based but nah i don 't really

File: 1583751520215.jpg (946.03 KB, 1300x1445, e41b99708d7684a7057a98ac3c….jpg)


my hobby is advertising imageboards and masturbating


ahem, very based anon!


I'm new to all of this "Imageboard things" so how do you advertise an imageboard, I say this because I haven't seen online ads for any imageboard at least in the places I go to. So what do you do to do that and what imageboard you advertise(I know this could be a joke by I'm horrible getting those so please if it is explain it to me)


Chanroast.me is the board most similar to here in all of the internet.


lizchan is back at lizchan.top!

File: 1562676387902.jpg (39.55 KB, 820x422, demo home.JPG)


eyy, anyone else been following Dragon Quest Builders 2? am kinda really hyped for it and have been having fun with the demo so far.

File: 1549141395886.jpg (840.56 KB, 1248x624, Hobbies1.jpg)


Howdy anons, Welcome to /h/!

I'm making this first thread to help kick start discussions on this board, and also as a housewarming of sorts, so feel free to discuss anything hobby-related here!!
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File: 1577654992562.png (52.96 KB, 917x371, thunders_tolzentheknoc_fon….png)

Here is a font of our language.


super old, but check out conworkshop - lots of cool conlangs over that way


oh is this for like, fictional languages and such?
Always found the concept super interesting but i struggle to cope with more than english, let alone fictional languages.


It looks like ancient Greek to me, anon


File: 1585296549061.png (91.16 KB, 1238x1477, 1vertical.png)

Please, don't use the c-word here. It is rather unpleasant.
That is what inspired it, if I correctly recall. This picture is of the vertical system that we made originally. It also has a font.

File: 1560535014727.jpg (12.38 KB, 480x360, Zoop_(Europe)-1459007069.jpg)


What makes you love a certain video game genre?
For examples, I love puzzle games as there's hundreds of ways of implementing skill in each game.
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>moisting over
What are you, a girl?


nah, far worse; british.


A blighty boi!


reeeeeeee stay on topic


Is that Zoop? I haven't played that game since the time I had a Sega Genesis.

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