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my goal is to just… make fifty thousand dollar profit a week
which seems like measly amount compared to the world s best achiever so i thought it would make things simpler

but i cant seem to thought up even 5$, no, 1$ product that will sell aton so i hit that minimum target of mine.

it s confusing and i cant seem to… science the shit out of it. and everyone just told me to do invesment crap but that s basically losing lol

what do i do

why is everyone a fucking idiot anyway
it s just art fuck


sorry not a week. a month. urgh

fuck you all useless space wendigos, you fucking grape water addicts and mentaly retarded mathemathically deficient stegosaurs, go to hell you cretin tigris chimps


man i hate looking at this loan. it s as if it was supposed to, push my inner ki so i can get a job but then it gets too fucking retarded like, geez i gave it all free. you want me to kneel and make scene too? fuck you i havent done that much of trouble

you should nuke the fucking city cuz i think you are kind of retarded and have 0 resources to spare anyway you worthless defects of a gook

country of gooks


cringe. everything is cringe

now now whatever end it ha

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