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howdy anons, am getting super cozy working on my Warhammer Wood Elf army and thought i'd make a tabletop gaming hobby / fantasy arts thread here on da comfy.chat :)

these fellas are from an Oathmark kit and i'm really enjoying building them so far and am excited to get painting too within due time. 1/2


File: 1629229031215.jpg (1.09 MB, 2160x2160, 20210816_204101.jpg)

I'm really enjoying thinking up headcannon for my doods/OCs (i guess they are lol), and it got me wanting ti share them here and also see what other projects other people have going on right now and what narratives and such they're all spinning :)

These guys are gonna be from Eonir which are more grounded and less fantastical fairy esque wElves so the kit i'm using really does work for what i'm going for. Gonna run a Wood Elf Highborn on a Forest Dragon as the army leader which'll be super fun to fluff some headcannon around, will deffinetly post updates should the interest be there for they !! Please do share your oen works though in the meantime


I don't have any hobbies like this so unfortunately I have nothing to share, but I still find minis adorable. Have you already decided on a color scheme for your elves?

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