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I'm not sure if this board will enjoy this, but some anons and musicians put out a comp for the holidays called Christmas is Not Your Friend - Volume 9. It has a lot of experimental, ambient, drone, industrial, musique concrete, etc types of stuff. Pretty unusual, but enjoyable. Some of the later tracks really start picking things up too, especially tracks 20, 23, and 25.

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Hody anons, welcome to /cr/! making this thread to kick off the dope projects, drawings and other things creative related!! will be posting some fun stuff later on.
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An idea

I thought, "What if there was an Anthropomorphized version of this website?"
So I drew this
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3D printer thred

thinkin of getting a 3d printer, apparently the 'Monoprice Select Mini V2' is a super good entry to all that shid, anyone familiar with this stuff who can comment?
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I drew this

Is this good?
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What should I draw?
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Music prod general /mu/

Any """"""""producers""""""""" in here? i suck but ill just shill this here because i can