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In a world of developed mice, would you be a steampunk mouse, a cottage-core mouse, a wild field mouse or something else? Why? How do you imagine your settlement, home and room? Would you bring in leaves for the carpet or weave it from straws? Discuss.


Mice are cute. I would like to be a farmer mouse, just living in a little home and taking care of a little field of grains, because it would probably be a very peaceful, tranquil life. I can imagine the interior of the home having a mix of old and makeshift furniture. As for a carpet, an old sack with a very light filling of dry leaves would probably be nice and cozy, like an extremely thin pillow.


I would be a cobbler, my shoes known for their comfort and durability. Eventually, I would marry the baker's daughter. Our son with a more religious deposition would eventually join a monastery, and our daughter would marry my apprentice. It's a quiet life, but a fulfilling one.


little mouse shoes :3


little mouse monastery :3



cottagecore rat making cheese from rat milk (from some other rat's breasts)


That escalated quickly.


I would be fighting a world war against cats.

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