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Would this be comfy or not? Can humans adapt to this kind of lifestyle?






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I'd like to think this is more comfy than your suggestion OP, take me back pls…


Why'd you want to go back to that timeline? You're going to end up in circles, it would make a lot more sense if you wanted to go in an alternative universe or something. Otherwise all you'll have is just temporary relief or happiness.


Why do boring days exist? Why can't all days be interesting and fast? My nerves have been high-strung so much recently, that the sluggish day feel so off like a part of my soul has been chipped.


It depends on the type of people. They probably wouldn't be recognizably human anymore.
Better than none at all.


I dont genuinely wish to return to 09, simply revive the spirit of 09 once more for it was truly the peak of escapism for myself, wouldn't you agree? 2004 or 2006 is probably even better, but for the sake of le meme, we shall say 2009.
my days tend to either be so sluggish they're insufferable, or so fast-pace that I am unable to process it all until it is already a day or two in the past ngl, neither are good types of days but it most certainly is the kind i keep finding myself with ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Our current lifestyle is unnatural enough, so it seems we can "adapt" to just anything. We'll feel sick and troubled, but since everyone does, it would be considered normal. Complaining would be seen as "whining" and "trying to oppose the glorified progress", "with people like you we'd stick to stone age with life span of 30".


This feels strangely familiar, I wonder why.


File: 1615972449223.png (740.81 KB, 1680x1440, dog0c4om87g11.png)

comfy & gommie-bloc pilled


You feel comfy in that kind of living standards? Could you elaborate more on this, if you wouldn't mind.


Not them, but it's pretty decent. Not too much furniture, small, nook-like space. I like small rooms more than "studio kitchens" and whatnot.


No. No city is comfy, let alone that.


The place where I'm living has buildings placed neatly next to each other. And I reside in such a building, but the rooms are not packed as they are in the picture. So I wondered what others would think about it.


The packed rooms might be separated "on the other side".
I like the rooms, but the house should be cut in height. Like half of it. Commieblocks are often smol, 4-5 flats.

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