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File: 1629476655137.jpg (164.85 KB, 900x674, steampunk-mouse-babette-va….jpg)


In a world of developed mice, would you be a steampunk mouse, a cottage-core mouse, a wild field mouse or something else? Why? How do you imagine your settlement, home and room? Would you bring in leaves for the carpet or weave it from straws? Discuss.
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little mouse monastery :3



cottagecore rat making cheese from rat milk (from some other rat's breasts)


That escalated quickly.


I would be fighting a world war against cats.

File: 1549141649405.jpg (11.33 KB, 409x367, latest.jpg)


Hope you're keeping okay anons! feel free to discuss anything comfy and/or vent about things that are bothering you, and we'll try to support you and make your life just that little bit more /comf/.
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This is some seriously good advice.


I bought some cotton blankets.
Their heavy texture makes me way comfier than the usual synthetics. Not 100% cotton tho, but still a decent amount.
Also each at a price of daily milk+meat+staple food. Local manufactory.


Preparing for cold nights, fellow anon?


File: 1630639588799.jpg (29.1 KB, 510x510, fd45dacccf3274b409e8247afb….jpg)

Very nice acquisition.


damn i'm mad jelious anon, bought my bf a blanket/hoodie thing i'm putting up for december/xmas time to treat him so I may be looking for smth heavy and cozy for myself too :3

File: 1630467641490.png (504.23 KB, 824x429, wow.png)


hemlo, i am here looking for comfy frens. please post your comfiest pictures


File: 1630472310892.jpg (670.59 KB, 1000x864, 1445180557718-2.jpg)

Sure thing.


File: 1630570060253.jpg (1.8 MB, 1920x1080, middle of the valley.jpg)

i have a bunch of very comfy backgrounds, is that good?

File: 1610495937729.jpg (29.5 KB, 678x452, 20210105_113634.jpg)


does anyone else think about bad shit they did when they were younger and beat themselbes up about it and feel like they are irredimable peices of shit, im no talking like stealing some change or bullying a kid, im talking serious stuff like being involved in gangs and organised assualts and theft and general unsavoury shit? i cant be the only one who feels like i dont deserve to be happy for the major fucked things ive been involced with in the last right?
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>but isn't it the case that the big picture point of walking the left hand path is ultimately to burn off those negative desires

Sounds like a survivor bias tbh. To living, all is good (c) old russian movie



i feel your pain anon, ive done some seriously twisted things when i was a kid and it's so hard going on with the guilt
i told my significant other one of the worst things i did and they still love me so thats a start


File: 1629103947910.jpg (18.78 KB, 217x320, just.jpg)

I was more or less in the same boat as you anons. What I seriously regret is not getting into occultism, because that isn't the main problem, but the path that eventually led me to it. I wish a very long series of events never happened, along with wishing that I stayed away from imageboards. I was already a defective human being in the first place, but now all I am is a completely broken man yearning for death thanks to what I have got myself into.

Sorry for ruining the mood of the board.


Aww man, I hope you're able to lay low and lick your wounds. Try staying away from boards for a few days and just slam your keyboard with whatever comes to your mind (grief, realisation, etc)


File: 1629525888221.jpg (133.81 KB, 900x636, lain_by_iwaisan-d3g4hk1.jpg)

Thanks for the concern and the advice. I'm already staying away from serious boards and the low quality ones, and I'm also already laying low, just hanging around a handful of small, slow and decent imageboards, most of which I never even posted in, such as this one. As for licking my wounds, there's nothing else I can do but to entertain myself until death comes to get me away from this horrible world.

File: 1603566709068.jpg (11.45 KB, 480x360, 4147611429_051d7711e7.jpg)


What are we all up to /comf/?
post bout your day, how you been doin, anythin on your mind really.

been chillin, smokin pot, recently got back into caves of qud after watching sseths vid on it. rains pouring down heavy in scotland and the nights are long so its perfect time to get cozy.
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You weird me out…


File: 1606576099810.jpg (86.23 KB, 750x553, blessed cat.jpg)

It's okay. I weird everyone out.
Basically drinking teas is a habit. We're ruled by habits. Therefore, it's fun to explore where can we drive by ruling our habits first. Make a strangest ascetic habit and enjoy the ride. That's how I've spent some of my youth. It was partially harmful tho.


File: 1628983537475.jpg (31.5 KB, 500x375, Skeleton_Cutie.jpg)

Trying to get myself up so I can eat.


dam homie i wish I could get into drinking tea but i'm too scared/comfortabnle drinkign coffee to even take the plunge on the most generic of teas lol, maybe one day …

aint that a mood skellieqtie, need to putt some washing away but just absolutely cant be arsed, think i'm gonna vegetable all day ngl


Maybe start with herbal tea? Chamomille-based ones have a mild sweet taste, and with sugar/honey it comes out more. There's a generic blend "Alpine fields" at where I live, it seems to be popular all over the european street food stalls. It should have some orange peel addition for flavours.
All new things may be scary, but you're not obligated to continue if you dislike it.

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