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What are we all up to /comf/?
post bout your day, how you been doin, anythin on your mind really.

been chillin, smokin pot, recently got back into caves of qud after watching sseths vid on it. rains pouring down heavy in scotland and the nights are long so its perfect time to get cozy.
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File: 1605751695483.jpg (125.17 KB, 1080x1080, photo_2020-11-18_14-17-11.jpg)

Now that has become a good memory, hasn't it? Do you drink soda or juice?
Today, I've been nothing just but a slob and lazing around.


Yep. And there aren't many recently. It's hard to live with just minimal contact with nature.
I'm a tea person mostly. I ocassionally make me a kopmot, too… Maybe I'll pick up some of this non-alco beer again, because its contents seem healthy, and beer is basically drinking bread, so it's like food.
And yep, yesterday was a slobby day for sure.


I never understood how people can drink hot water with just a taste… I wish more exciting things happen, why can't life be like in the animated shows.


I can even drink hot water with no added taste! Actually, even clean water has some taste, and every tea is different, so it's like exploration or coming to a comfy place already known. I like some herbal teas as well.


You weird me out…

File: 1576276654265.jpg (164.7 KB, 848x1200, c376acdeaab50dcb7ef5abc4c1….jpg)


Hi /comf/.How do you relax and feel comfy
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File: 1604488743435.jpg (138.28 KB, 960x936, photo_2020-11-04_00-40-04.jpg)

Here we go again.


The cycles never end.


File: 1605457718438.png (385.15 KB, 640x640, starterpack_comfymusic.png)


File: 1605574510344.jpg (137.89 KB, 1025x1280, photo_2020-10-10_00-13-35.jpg)


What is this?

File: 1573179864750.jpg (260.33 KB, 1440x1440, vaporwave.jpg)


lets get a vaporwave thread going, because no music is more comfy than vaporwave



I know these arent strictly vaporwave OP, but take these suggestions as a think you'd enjoy them if your a fan of vaporwave also:


File: 1585646818978.jpg (208.02 KB, 843x1200, Vincent Di Fate - Out of t….jpg)

Here's a little radio station for you anon, it features a lot of -wave music, mostly vaporwave, though artists can add in their music at any time to get some representation.
Whenever I want to find out about new artists or get some new songs for my playlists, I always listen in for about an hour and jot down which songs I really liked.


o shid this is a dope station anon, appreciate the shout!!
and yee thats what i tend to do too, cycle through a few albums and slap the stand outs into my playlist so they cycle on there w/ the rest of my stuff


It was sent my way by an old Swedish friend of mine that I, unfortunately, no longer talk to.
M4 is another great vaporwave artist, though a lot of her music is on bandcamp. https://m4sound.bandcamp.com/
I purchased her entire discography awhile back and I still really enjoy listening to it through the night since my sleep schedule's abysmal.


I wonder what's trendy after the vaporwave. It's strange how overstimulating it is, the graphics I mean. Even though we're already overstimulated by digital noise, we still desire for more. Meanwhile, non-digital designs become clean and simplified.I really really wonder about next gen trends and if I can handle them. hmm

File: 1602689057796.jpg (274.41 KB, 1018x1273, books-cozy-room-Favim.com-….jpg)


Does a bookshelf in a room make it instantly comfier for you?
Any comfy titles to recommend?


File: 1602813406642.png (788.9 KB, 872x1109, 2mhh0.png)

Record of a Spaceborn Few
At Home in Mitford
Are some of the ones that come up from my head, I don't have a bookshelf, I mostly read them on my PC I'd like to have one, though.


File: 1603093225638.jpg (665.34 KB, 1865x1250, 441158231b391911e40f111fb0….jpg)

Bookshelfs do be a cozy peice of furniture, regardless of the contents of said bookshelf; Infinite amounts of ways to decorate and accessorise one, truly a high tier topic anon.

Regarding comfy books, I read a Terry Pratchet graphic novel in secondary school that was absolute kino, so i got to imagine his more traditional works are a good bet.


There's interior decoration with a sole focus on books.


File: 1605725656839.jpg (256.35 KB, 1242x1722, bum8njh317j21.jpg)

I guess it's because reading means calm time.
Another idea. What do we usually did in comfy places before pc? (this might be a topic for a new thread as well).
Mostly, we would read. So, when you see a book nook, you authomatically pick up additional comfy vibes from your memory or cultural knowledge. Even if they're not exactly present at the said nook.

File: 1604336185692.png (285.43 KB, 513x496, 241zqwvwet741.png)


>finally fixed his shit
About time, admin.


File: 1604488444904.jpg (19.4 KB, 390x390, photo_2020-10-31_19-20-35.jpg)

What was wrong with it?


No answer, huh?


It's kind of buggy again.

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