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hemlo, i am here looking for comfy frens. please post your comfiest pictures
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comforting hug from gentle fren


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Thank you, fren. You get a hug back!


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ty for bein so comfy anons, ik it aint much but i love checking on here and seeing y'all bein just positive and overall frens in spite of the anonymity <3


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hugs aren't just for comfort in times of need, but also for celebrating happy occasions

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Does a bookshelf in a room make it instantly comfier for you?
Any comfy titles to recommend?
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Time to go search for library pics.


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The ephemeral nature of man.


The Borrowers


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Hope you're keeping okay anons! feel free to discuss anything comfy and/or vent about things that are bothering you, and we'll try to support you and make your life just that little bit more /comf/.
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They're pretty light tho, bought them for summer nights. But yeah, they're good. No regrets.


blanket time


I fell ill.


Oh m8
What do you feel?
What are the symptoms?


It ended up being just the cold, apparently caused by me staying outside more than I should. I just have an annoying cough now, but that's about it. The first day I got it, it was a bit hard.

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Hello frens. Have you watched the cartoon The Ghost and Molly McGee yet? I would just like to recommend it as a comfy cartoon about a very positive little girl and her ghost friend. If you have watched this show, feel free to discuss it and your favorite characters here. Pic related is Libby, she's my favorite.


I didnt watch it but know the name. I've also specifically seeked Libby content. She's a good, "homeful" character. I like how she's messy.

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Questionette = Wife Material

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