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The meme machine really was different and more relaxed back then. Please post the oldest memes you have. They can be either YouTube videos from 2008 or old lolcat memes from 2007. I would love to see them!


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Does a bookshelf in a room make it instantly comfier for you?
Any comfy titles to recommend?
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A safe space is always gud.


File: 1618452644225.jpg (198.56 KB, 900x659, Circular-Classic-Home-LIbr….jpg)

I wonder how much this one would cost.


Probably more than you'll ever earn in your life.


I wonder what's in closed shelves below.


If that were my library I would install a mini bar or a mini fridge behind the cabinet doors that are within arms reach of the chair.

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It seems like you've had an interesting day.
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>Oversized pajamas are so good
they're ok


Then, what would be your ideal preference?


File: 1618184670741.jpg (53.52 KB, 1278x720, photo_2021-04-12_01-13-52.jpg)


to sleep in the lewd on a warm summer's night


You smell of horny, fren. Mind if I check your horny meter?

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Cafees use special tricks to become comfier than anything for luring us in. Do they succeed with you?
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File: 1617500594225.jpg (72.03 KB, 1052x1051, photo_2021-04-04_03-40-00.jpg)


Me too, that's why the thread.
I have a lovehate relationship with those because traces of consumerism.


I used to live in an area with one of those corner diners that looked similar to the one in OPs pic. It had been around for a few generations and was owned by an elderly couple. The old lady made a limited batch of sweet rolls in the morning. I'd walk up there and have a cup of coffee and a sweet roll once and a while. I'd usually read news on my tablet while I ate, but sometimes I'd have random conversations with locals at the counter. It was one of those old neighborhood places and not a franchise, so there weren't many traces of superficial consumerism there. I miss that place sometimes.


Yep, that's not consumeristic. At my city, there's maybe an 1-2 loud bars with history. The caffee shops are handled by 20 y.o. hipsters of nouveau riche heritage. Some of them still make want to support them, but 90% are "est.2019" coffee cult spots


In the neighbourhood I live there are no cafe places but the more you go towards the city's center the more cafe bars, fast food and other stalls you meet.

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does anyone else think about bad shit they did when they were younger and beat themselbes up about it and feel like they are irredimable peices of shit, im no talking like stealing some change or bullying a kid, im talking serious stuff like being involved in gangs and organised assualts and theft and general unsavoury shit? i cant be the only one who feels like i dont deserve to be happy for the major fucked things ive been involced with in the last right?


The fact you feel bad about it is enough.


this kind of guilt is even harder to process because it can feel near impossible to talk about. it's already difficult enough to reminisce. i'm sure when you were in that life, you didnt have the chance to take a step back and talk with friends or family about these feelings. and because it's criminal activity, there is extra incentive to keep it to yourself. i really feel for you and i see the pain you're going through.

is there anyone close to you who has gone through similar things who is willing to talk with you about it? maybe a friend or relative? i'm sure most people who live that way are just as unsettled and guilty, even if they don't know how to express it. if conversing with sympathetic souls is too difficult, i suggest journaling. it doesn't have to be good writing. you just need to get your thoughts on the page and out of your head. best wishes.


I used to be a dark occultist, unironically trying to bring the world to its end… Not only it wasn't that easy to process after the realisation of my wrongs, but I had to rewrite my whole way of living.

Tbh if you're able to withstand your old ways, avoid them and change yourself, it's already more or less considered as redemption, both in religious and social meanings. Feeling despaired wont get you to change things to better. If you did bad things to people, do good now. Consider volunteering. Plant a tree. If despair has crushed you to the point where you can't do anything, you absolutely have the right to heal that. If not for yourself, then for others, to whom you can lend a hand.

Anyways, I feel for ya. Past is a heavy thing.


It may be that it's difficult to truly appreciate that which is good without having intimate knowledge of that which is bad. Don't beat yourself up over the past OP. I don't know how else we can learn in life without making mistakes. Sounds like you now have a perspective that could be more of use to others then if you hadn't been there and done that.
>I used to be a dark occultist
Can relate. Aside from other more mundane fuck ups in my youth, I got caught up in some weird esoteric practices too… but isn't it the case that the big picture point of walking the left hand path is ultimately to burn off those negative desires and learn from them in a way that those who are more innocent might not be able to?


>but isn't it the case that the big picture point of walking the left hand path is ultimately to burn off those negative desires

Sounds like a survivor bias tbh. To living, all is good (c) old russian movie

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