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does anyone else think about bad shit they did when they were younger and beat themselbes up about it and feel like they are irredimable peices of shit, im no talking like stealing some change or bullying a kid, im talking serious stuff like being involved in gangs and organised assualts and theft and general unsavoury shit? i cant be the only one who feels like i dont deserve to be happy for the major fucked things ive been involced with in the last right?
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comfy vidya?

set up new build and trying to think of games to emulate and play, currently got Dead Space torrenting and a few gamecube iso files knocking about, what're some good NES games or games in general to check put my doods?
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My cat Tilly roaming around on my stairs :)
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hemlo, i am here looking for comfy frens. please post your comfiest pictures
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In a world of developed mice, would you be a steampunk mouse, a cottage-core mouse, a wild field mouse or something else? Why? How do you imagine your settlement, home and room? Would you bring in leaves for the carpet or weave it from straws? Discuss.
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/comf/ - comfy

Hope you're keeping okay anons! feel free to discuss anything comfy and/or vent about things that are bothering you, and we'll try to support you and make your life just that little bit more /comf/.
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Does a bookshelf in a room make it instantly comfier for you?
Any comfy titles to recommend?
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what you up to?

What are we all up to /comf/?
post bout your day, how you been doin, anythin on your mind really.

been chillin, smokin pot, recently got back into caves of qud after watching sseths vid on it. rains pouring down heavy in scotland and the nights are long so its perfect time to get cozy.
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lets get a vaporwave thread going, because no music is more comfy than vaporwave

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Hi /comf/.How do you relax and feel comfy
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It seems like you've had an interesting day.
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Old Memes

The meme machine really was different and more relaxed back then. Please post the oldest memes you have. They can be either YouTube videos from 2008 or old lolcat memes from 2007. I would love to see them!
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poop niggers!
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Comfy Commieblock Content

Let me post some postsoviet room renders, and I'll let you post your stuff.
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Cafees use special tricks to become comfier than anything for luring us in. Do they succeed with you?
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Would you live here?

Would this be comfy or not? Can humans adapt to this kind of lifestyle?
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We are nowhere.
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Video game music

I don't play much games anymore these days, but I enjoy listening to some video game music. Post some of your favorites.
Sonic 2 Chemical Plant Zone
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>Meanwhile on the /comfy/street…
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>finally fixed his shit
About time, admin.
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>it's another day of intrusive thoughts, intense desire to an hero, and being too scared to vocalise how fucked everything is.
haha wowie, zooweemama.
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Comfy site bro uwu