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>Meanwhile on the /comfy/street…


That's a bit extreme /comfy/street.


At the end of the extremeity, do we find our eternal comfyness.

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>finally fixed his shit
About time, admin.


File: 1604488444904.jpg (19.4 KB, 390x390, photo_2020-10-31_19-20-35.jpg)

What was wrong with it?


No answer, huh?


It's kind of buggy again.

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>it's another day of intrusive thoughts, intense desire to an hero, and being too scared to vocalise how fucked everything is.
haha wowie, zooweemama.


File: 1601166152253.jpg (230.42 KB, 1080x1080, photo_2020-09-25_18-10-28.jpg)

I'm always busy with something, work, hobby so that I won't have any time to be intruded by thoughts in the manner you've described. Family helps, too.
Find something you like doing, or do a introspective search of why you're feeling like that or the cause of it.


tbf when i have something to focus on it is harder for the intrusive stuff to get through but OOF when it do, it most certainly do 😳


That's why you must never stop and always be occupied with something.


You ought to do psychological self-help m8. Seek on the topic of rumination thoughts.

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Comfy site bro uwu


it puts the comfy on its skin
or else it gets the blanket again


It is, isn't it?

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