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Would this be comfy or not? Can humans adapt to this kind of lifestyle?
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You feel comfy in that kind of living standards? Could you elaborate more on this, if you wouldn't mind.


Not them, but it's pretty decent. Not too much furniture, small, nook-like space. I like small rooms more than "studio kitchens" and whatnot.


No. No city is comfy, let alone that.


The place where I'm living has buildings placed neatly next to each other. And I reside in such a building, but the rooms are not packed as they are in the picture. So I wondered what others would think about it.


The packed rooms might be separated "on the other side".
I like the rooms, but the house should be cut in height. Like half of it. Commieblocks are often smol, 4-5 flats.

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We are nowhere.
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We are here.


File: 1603939581129.jpg (57.58 KB, 1080x810, photo_2020-10-28_10-00-32.jpg)

Where is this 'here'?




File: 1613865671078.jpg (31.48 KB, 500x700, photo_2021-02-19_15-10-03.jpg)

Gotta go rainbow.


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Okay, what do we own in essence? Cool Tech? Ecunopolis cities?

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FitGirls Game Repacks are also good.


Yeah, I agree with that. Just make sure to use the real official site. Clone sites install cryptominers on your PC. (Not a big problem for me cause I use a phone hotspot and am offline with my desktop a lot of the time.)


I've learned this the hard way.


some other goto sites for me are nicoblog & skidrow, latter i need a VPN for though as my ISP blocks it otherwise


File: 1612690747744.png (23.7 KB, 497x385, unknown.png)

installing a cryptominer lol ama

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eyy, waddup man.


Third, actually. Retard.

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I don't play much games anymore these days, but I enjoy listening to some video game music. Post some of your favorites.
Sonic 2 Chemical Plant Zone


This may seem cliche but
Songs from doom.


shit from square is usually top tier, esp in their RPGs where they go for that grandiose atmospheric or hopeful adventure shit like this:
shit man heavensward really had the best music of the ff14 expacs on god yo

If you're looking more for songs with vocals and some cheesiness to it too, you can never go wrong with some mgs tunes either:
the vocalist from the MGR stuff also worked on some tunes from cyberpunk 2077's OST also so that might be a good peep for you also:


Japanese composers are very good at making great immersive atmospheric music to keep you pulled into the game.
I'm a HUGE fan of a lot of music from old FPS franchises. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_0G6WPuss4 One of my favorite songs is from the Facing Worlds level in Unreal Tournament

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