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Would this be comfy or not? Can humans adapt to this kind of lifestyle?
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You feel comfy in that kind of living standards? Could you elaborate more on this, if you wouldn't mind.


Not them, but it's pretty decent. Not too much furniture, small, nook-like space. I like small rooms more than "studio kitchens" and whatnot.


No. No city is comfy, let alone that.


The place where I'm living has buildings placed neatly next to each other. And I reside in such a building, but the rooms are not packed as they are in the picture. So I wondered what others would think about it.


The packed rooms might be separated "on the other side".
I like the rooms, but the house should be cut in height. Like half of it. Commieblocks are often smol, 4-5 flats.

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We are nowhere.
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We are here.


File: 1603939581129.jpg (57.58 KB, 1080x810, photo_2020-10-28_10-00-32.jpg)

Where is this 'here'?




File: 1613865671078.jpg (31.48 KB, 500x700, photo_2021-02-19_15-10-03.jpg)

Gotta go rainbow.


File: 1614395464953.jpg (115.5 KB, 1066x1280, photo_2021-02-25_05-51-29.jpg)

Okay, what do we own in essence? Cool Tech? Ecunopolis cities?

File: 1583846574462.jpg (86.49 KB, 946x555, IMG_20200310_083124.jpg)


set up new build and trying to think of games to emulate and play, currently got Dead Space torrenting and a few gamecube iso files knocking about, what're some good NES games or games in general to check put my doods?
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ooh I recognise Star Control 2 from somewhere, though i'm no 100% sure where from, deffo gonna slap that on my backlog; it looks a little bit like those star wars space fighting sims they put out on DOS.
SNES is top comf yee, just finished another playthrough of super metroid funnily enough.

If you like space type stuff i deffo would reccomend colony wars on ps1, such a fun and atmospheric game, much like a lot of the ps1 library really.


File: 1585652626849.png (3.68 MB, 2201x1583, brass giant.png)

Star Control 2 is probably my all time favorite game, though to be fair I've played the game for years and know it like the back of my hand. When I first played, it was a rather indescribable experience. I adored it and the way they portrayed all the characters, but on the other hand it takes a lot of practice to get good with every ship you'll be potentially using in the campaign and a little bit of luck too. The lander minigame is a little bit repetitive too, but it's honestly the most comfy and relaxing part about the game if you land on the right planets.
also it definitely shows symptoms of 90's game design and basically requires you to have a notebook or pad nearby to jot down notes and key information you get from alien races. at least you have a whole heckin' lot of save slots though.

>SNES is top comf

oh goodness I agree. I used to play the SNES so much when I was a kid, and I despite having all my old game consoles, the SNES is always the one I break out and play for days on end. I never played Super Metroid, I was always a bigger fan of the platformers like Donkey Kong Country and Yoshi's Island.
>colony wars on ps1
I'll have to check it out actually. I never owned a ps1 so I've missed out on a lot of absolute classics. Thanks for the suggestion!


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File: 1612731758018.jpg (2.18 MB, 3024x3024, 20210207_205827.jpg)

*siiiiip* oh yeah, its cozy drunk CRT gaymen time 8)

what other stuff should i get downloading for this?


I loved SNES harvest moon and Sailor moon another story. In my country snes wasnt really available, a luxury similar to ps5, I played those on emulator even before winxp i think. SMAS was sometimes hard, so I had to figure out the register hacking mechanism. Was comfy to tweak things a little.

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FitGirls Game Repacks are also good.


Yeah, I agree with that. Just make sure to use the real official site. Clone sites install cryptominers on your PC. (Not a big problem for me cause I use a phone hotspot and am offline with my desktop a lot of the time.)


I've learned this the hard way.


some other goto sites for me are nicoblog & skidrow, latter i need a VPN for though as my ISP blocks it otherwise


File: 1612690747744.png (23.7 KB, 497x385, unknown.png)

installing a cryptominer lol ama

File: 1549651683055.jpg (631.92 KB, 1778x1184, 1545384936844.jpg)




eyy, waddup man.


Third, actually. Retard.

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