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Hope you're keeping okay anons! feel free to discuss anything comfy and/or vent about things that are bothering you, and we'll try to support you and make your life just that little bit more /comf/.
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based and comfypilled


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I'm a little heavy hearted for some reason. Probably because of a few issues with a couple of friends. But you guys needn't worry about that.
Actually it was on the quest for comfort that I stumbled across this board. I'm so glad I found it. Here's a comfy pokémon pic.


welcome anon, we're a chill bunch over here on comfychat, clad to have you aboard though, hope you enjoy ur stay <3



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I just found this imageboard, very comfy. I am glad the posting rate is slow here. Perhaps I will come back in a few days.

Stay comfy, friends.

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we hype for new horizons bois?
who else ready to get /comf/?


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Comfy site bro uwu


it puts the comfy on its skin
or else it gets the blanket again

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do they?


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tfw no bf
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smh, am this close to dishing out the first ban of the site mister.


It’s not my fault this site is so fricking ghey.


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do not sexualise the comfy.


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