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Hope you're keeping okay anons! feel free to discuss anything comfy and/or vent about things that are bothering you, and we'll try to support you and make your life just that little bit more /comf/.
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I'm thinking on getting a new chair, my old one hurts my back. Any suggestions for good ones that are nice even when sitting for hours?


I'm thinking on getting a new chair, my old one hurts my back. Any suggestions for good ones that are nice even when sitting for hours? also general tips on maximizing comfiness?


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im preparing for the comfiest time of year, autumn. Setting up some emulators and a movie list. Feels good man.


Shouldn't be way too deep imo, not too short either. The back's curve should hold your waist, not the reverse. As for the height, I never feel any difference.


They're pretty light tho, bought them for summer nights. But yeah, they're good. No regrets.

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Does a bookshelf in a room make it instantly comfier for you?
Any comfy titles to recommend?
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I'm sorry, I'll try to be more humane and kind later on.


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Time to go search for library pics.


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The ephemeral nature of man.


The Borrowers

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What are we all up to /comf/?
post bout your day, how you been doin, anythin on your mind really.

been chillin, smokin pot, recently got back into caves of qud after watching sseths vid on it. rains pouring down heavy in scotland and the nights are long so its perfect time to get cozy.
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You weird me out…


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It's okay. I weird everyone out.
Basically drinking teas is a habit. We're ruled by habits. Therefore, it's fun to explore where can we drive by ruling our habits first. Make a strangest ascetic habit and enjoy the ride. That's how I've spent some of my youth. It was partially harmful tho.


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Trying to get myself up so I can eat.


dam homie i wish I could get into drinking tea but i'm too scared/comfortabnle drinkign coffee to even take the plunge on the most generic of teas lol, maybe one day …

aint that a mood skellieqtie, need to putt some washing away but just absolutely cant be arsed, think i'm gonna vegetable all day ngl


Maybe start with herbal tea? Chamomille-based ones have a mild sweet taste, and with sugar/honey it comes out more. There's a generic blend "Alpine fields" at where I live, it seems to be popular all over the european street food stalls. It should have some orange peel addition for flavours.
All new things may be scary, but you're not obligated to continue if you dislike it.

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lets get a vaporwave thread going, because no music is more comfy than vaporwave

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Here's a little radio station for you anon, it features a lot of -wave music, mostly vaporwave, though artists can add in their music at any time to get some representation.
Whenever I want to find out about new artists or get some new songs for my playlists, I always listen in for about an hour and jot down which songs I really liked.


o shid this is a dope station anon, appreciate the shout!!
and yee thats what i tend to do too, cycle through a few albums and slap the stand outs into my playlist so they cycle on there w/ the rest of my stuff


It was sent my way by an old Swedish friend of mine that I, unfortunately, no longer talk to.
M4 is another great vaporwave artist, though a lot of her music is on bandcamp. https://m4sound.bandcamp.com/
I purchased her entire discography awhile back and I still really enjoy listening to it through the night since my sleep schedule's abysmal.


I wonder what's trendy after the vaporwave. It's strange how overstimulating it is, the graphics I mean. Even though we're already overstimulated by digital noise, we still desire for more. Meanwhile, non-digital designs become clean and simplified.I really really wonder about next gen trends and if I can handle them. hmm


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Hi /comf/.How do you relax and feel comfy
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I'm glad you're fine and healthy


Ah, this sounds good. A hour isn't that much, at least it's not 3-4 hours.


You should probably make an routine, start with small times and easy tasks that can be done quite fast. Then you should scale up from there, depending on how much or how many things you want to do in a day without worrying about feeling whether you want to do them or not.


This is an event to be joyous for!


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Sit in front of my PC and do whatever.

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