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hello anons.
anyone on tonight? pretty boring night so far.


howdy confymans, just wokeup here in britland, hope ur evening is nice and chill like


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I'm up! Gotta go restock today, tho. Will get tired afterwards, or maybe over-energized, who knows.
I've bought a good kilo of canned tuna just to know that tuna has some amount of mercury. Though the canned one is said to be cleaner. Tilapia or anchovies are a safer bet.
What should I do with that huge can… maybe leave it till the hardest times.
It's so hard to choose proper food, maybe I have to make some charts…


well, it's day now. gotta get back to the grind.


just chillin durin downtime @ work, freezing my ass off in that winter breeze 🥶

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