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Sad, I will make this thread to declare this.
Does anyone have any questions?


why :(


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Search yourself, the answer lies within our grasp.
The administrator will not delete it, and no one comes here because we ourselves don't shill.
So it's there///stagnating, and rotting.
Such is the case. Tell me anonymous, how do you feel about this?


depressed and unmotivated as always, as is this site, just riding it out and checking up on here about as often as i have a lapse of self-awareness; how do you feel about all this? idk much that can be done, nor that should be done, just that it be how it be, and in being that it holds its own unique value and charm i suppose.


I just saw that wallpaper the other day somewhere. I still check here. I wish all of my favorite obscure boards would affiliate.


File: 1595387079306.jpg (107.76 KB, 1024x768, 453f290aa7a824ba0491f717d1….jpg)

Very nice sentiments.
There is nothing more I can offer to you. I'm in no better position than you are.

Well, here we are. And our posts will immortalize until the admin shuts down this site, or if this thread dies.
Until next time.


Poor Anonymous… always looking for something, never finding it. Keep looking, even if it's a small light in a vast array of darkness - that's all you need sometimes. Or maybe something more?


i mean i am admin lol, the site really do be as dead as it appears, got the site on automated charges so unless the yearly hosting gets denied and im dead so cant renew i dont see a reason these posts wont be maintained for a good while. hope ur doin okay and coping


Why would the hosting go dead anyway? I doubt latter would happen soon too. Hope your day was productive.


I'm still here. Thanks admin.


lmao idk who that is bro, not admin tho


Then what are you if not admin?


no i am an admin, that random guy that anon called an admin was just a random anon though.


So I fell for his trick, silly me.


You got what you asked for.

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