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Hi I’m a bbw slut who loves getting gangbanged by black men and bred by them.
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I’m fetish posting about myself it gets me off


based tbh, you may continue. 🙏


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File: 1593221258263.jpeg (75.28 KB, 480x854, 5DC3528F-58FB-4BD0-A19F-F….jpeg)

Who wants to help use me as a cum dump


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Check out my board. Also feel free to shill yours, since I'd spam it on every mother fucking board I can find.

File: 1587680400329.jpg (432.18 KB, 2362x1181, 980110ed778f907ed44e8b25f9….jpg)


Sad, I will make this thread to declare this.
Does anyone have any questions?


why :(


File: 1589051534266.jpg (359.48 KB, 1920x1080, f2d53dadb811a32d1972c5b5c2….jpg)

Search yourself, the answer lies within our grasp.
The administrator will not delete it, and no one comes here because we ourselves don't shill.
So it's there///stagnating, and rotting.
Such is the case. Tell me anonymous, how do you feel about this?


depressed and unmotivated as always, as is this site, just riding it out and checking up on here about as often as i have a lapse of self-awareness; how do you feel about all this? idk much that can be done, nor that should be done, just that it be how it be, and in being that it holds its own unique value and charm i suppose.


I just saw that wallpaper the other day somewhere. I still check here. I wish all of my favorite obscure boards would affiliate.

File: 1568065671540.jpg (163.79 KB, 1280x720, Hot Wheels Computer.jpg)


Soorae I cannot my computar canot forbnite sorry my bad england my computer no good to play bido james
I wish u the baest and also tell ur family not to send me more forbnite sponsor emailses ok!! thank uubs and may your crops give many potat this fall


I love Joel :)

File: 1585647729022.png (471.1 KB, 680x510, 1554325408899.png)


What makes us love certain characters so much? Doesn't matter who or what it is, just why we love them. Yoshi is a lovable dinosaur that Mario fans know for eating enemies and being a trusty companion.
Gondola is basically a walking teddy bear that does nothing but observe the environments he finds himself in, only interacting on occasion.
Duke Nukem is a loud, obnoxious, testosterone-filled, steroid-devouring individual who's obsessed with drinking, women, and kicking ass, but folks love him for it.
Why is that? Do you think it appeals to certain parts of our personality, or maybe it's simpler than that?


imo what makes a perfect character is that they capture a certain concept wholesale, and relish/thrive in that hammy expression of said concept, a sort of just and true reflection of the concept rather than a perverce and muddied attempt at such things, only reason I think this is cause of when you see such characters written "wrong", or that they don't feel as true to the original concept as other expressions of them, a good example of that is Duke Nukem actually, there's been some pretty poor and really good versions of the character throughout the franchise's life and its pretty easy to point towards 3D as being the ideal version of he, idk thats my understanding on what makes a brilliant character and what breaks them at least. ┐(´~`)┌


That's a pretty good way to look at it. A character really has to encapsulate a certain idea or concept and do it well, either that or be fleshed out and relatable in some way. Sometimes though, it takes all the right people to make a character stand out and not flop entirely. Take Caleb from the old FPS game Blood, if he had been voiced by anyone other than Stephan Weyte he would've come out as a cringe-worthy edgelord, for lack of a better term. Thanks to Weyte's excellent voice acting though, he comes across as the gritty, badass, undead gunslinger folks know him as.
Are there any characters that you can think of that disappointed you? Ones that maybe weren't well characterized or given much thought?

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