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all - smelly stinky!! uh oh!


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Fine then, error 403. I'll just make another comfy thread.
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enjoying the outdoors with fren is comfy


File: 1651087517199.png (498.42 KB, 860x700, 517-5179892_cute-girl-anim….png)

Do you have frends to enjoy outdoors with?


File: 1651088780529.jpg (217.15 KB, 747x800, b473759fb19d53c0abdfd8a3d4….jpg)

I did at the age of the frens in the image. Later we each moved to wherever we managed to find better paying jobs, and nowadays we only see each other at class reunions.

But the light of your younger days stays in your heart.


File: 1651550530884.jpg (159.08 KB, 1378x1000, 7352d9cb359b70a9b543b95a76….jpg)

Unfortunately, everything comes and goes.


File: 1651692845707.jpg (830.96 KB, 1323x1600, a4cb022809d5625a8e6e7a698c….jpg)

over time fren's warmth will encourage you to do better and become a better person


File: 1651689729257.jpg (10.94 KB, 199x350, 292733477697d9597ee53d123a….jpg)



File: 1634512695643.jpg (35.41 KB, 503x670, tilly.jpg)


My cat Tilly roaming around on my stairs :)


That's a very cute kot.




I'd even say, a very cute kotik, koteika, koten'ka


Does it exercise?


File: 1650294562655.png (19.74 KB, 96x96, pJVVPlLtAFxeUVipIRRCxewy.png)


sitting at my 'puter, comfy as fuck


fuck yeah. kicked back, bundled in blankets and livin the high life


Is this how you usually spend your free time?


File: 1583846574462.jpg (86.49 KB, 946x555, IMG_20200310_083124.jpg)


set up new build and trying to think of games to emulate and play, currently got Dead Space torrenting and a few gamecube iso files knocking about, what're some good NES games or games in general to check put my doods?
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i miss my CRT :( deffo gonna replay SOTN when I get my next one


Y u no emulator? For authencity?


i just find playing on a CRT comfy, dim the lights, get da phat tube out and enjoy life like ur a lil kid agen tbh


some of my personal favorites include
>arma and squad(for incredible communities and surprisingly chill gameplay)
>eu4, hoi4, stellaris and civ5
it might just be because these are some of my favorite games, but I always like playing them to relax, maybe call some friends or something and have a nice night


I play completely passive playthroughs in Skyrim. Chopping wood, fishing… I remember playing Oblivion and there was a mod where you could be a courier and spend all day running around delivering letters and packages. That was pretty chill.


File: 1562012567039.jpg (30.12 KB, 800x600, chuckvstux.jpg)


Ooo, a new tech board? fuck it i'll make the first thread on linux autism, any anons on here run linux? if so what distro and rice setup you rocking? Deb/XFCE here for that comfy practical setup.

Somewhat unrelated, I was watching a smaller Linux YT channel and they leaked that Linux Mint is setting up some sort of inner clique for shilling that POS distro among new users, majority of people being bloggers, and casual tech channels apparently, and are intended to influence their audience to use Mint; what are you guys' thought on that?
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Guix with xfce is super comfy


File: 1629095738419.jpg (295.04 KB, 700x700, CS3154754-02A-BIG.jpg)

Running xubuntu atm. It just werks, ya know?


File: 1641196920228.jpg (23.48 KB, 474x266, sdfgbsefbsrefb.jpg)

running arch w/ xfce.
got to learn a lot about how most things work in a system this way, and got to make it perfect for me.
really happy with it - am maybe thinking about looking into changing from xfce to something else in the future tho.


PureOS / Debian, depends on machine


File: 1649194997568.png (722.81 KB, 1366x768, Operation_shitshow.png)

My desktop runs Gentoo/BSPWM
My laptoppad runs Trisquel/Mate
My VPS runs Debian/TTY


File: 1647844742865.png (343.35 KB, 332x516, 1607370472679.png)


Hey anons, just giving u guys a heads up im gonna nuke the site in a month and try a relaunch at a further date beyond that, feel free to use this thread to post socials or some shit so you guys can keep in touch whilst cc is down if you want, or not i'm not too fussed, justy a lot of irl shit and having to come on ehre and manually delete fucking cp takes its toll.. once site is back up it should be handled properly but until then you guys got a month to organise elsewhere until the "relaunch"


File: 1647865618992.png (692.9 KB, 1000x960, 32e8d0ada8bb5245b0a6e93f3b….png)

> and try a relaunch at a further date beyond that

May we have an estimate of the length of the downtime?


sure sorry, once it goes down i'll probably just have a default html w/ a link to a discord server embedded or an email to contact for informing when things go live again and then i'll give myself a month to revamp the site's infrastructure, how i roll out site updates e.c.t.


File: 1647899142877.jpg (352.47 KB, 959x1000, e1e152e5c64ea6d91211ce6d9b….jpg)



Will wait patiently.


understandable. shouldnt there be software to help stop this tho?


File: 1649124717325.jpg (64.59 KB, 620x348, toh.jpg)


hey /comf/, yall like to kick back and watch cartoons w friends? whats your favs?

personally, i love the owl house


File: 1645247827099.jpg (14.98 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-1127471287-612….jpg)


any cheez luvers on here?


Quite so.


smoked gouda is the best cheese


Ever tried cheese of mixed sheep/cow milks?


i see you're a man of culture as well


File: 1644443771842.png (419.32 KB, 700x673, questioning.png)


Anyone has an idea what happened to kind.moe? I can't access it anymore


i deleted it XDDDDD


The other boards I usually visit along with this one are also down.


We're now on 2kind.moe.


Grimchan is now .net


I heard they moved to piattidocciacubing.it


File: 1647627908706.jpg (60.43 KB, 1408x792, Mycena_chlorophos.jpg)


Any frens enjoy finding and identifying fungi? I've been having a blast learning about how they grow and spread, how important they are and how they exist everywhere.

Did you know a lot of food and medicine uses some form of fungi?

I can't wait to find another mushroom I have never seen before. Maybe I'll even find a morel! :D



File: 1646591231370.jpg (558.32 KB, 2894x2894, memevillainy.jpg)


hi /cr/, i recently compiled some of the tracks i made over the last few months into a mixtape. hope you enjoy it




much like how poor tvch.moe and kind.moe and 4chan…
life only cares about rich people. Just like god and his illseated kings, popes, whatever

sokpop is, 173 videos of hardcoded games and only so much subs


Hm tvch is still up





Any idea how so i can make enough income with my skill that is writing manga, illustrations? I must ve posted hundreds but not enough income flow…


File: 1642970246529.png (27.82 KB, 981x583, Screenshot 2022-01-23.png)



testing for 403 in new thread

> Proudly powered


I wonder how many posts were eaten up by 403 and never posted.
I wonder what they had to say.


File: 1643369394814.jpg (364.77 KB, 1024x689, Arthur_C._Clarke_1965.jpg)

"The thing's hollow - it goes on forever - and - oh my God! - it's full of posts!"


File: 1644301425373.gif (164.26 KB, 200x153, 5f6df3d8a6064934889f01cb2b….gif)

Man of culture.

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